About CrossBond

At CrossBond Brand Consultant, we believe in the mindset of “There is no best, only better.” Value can be created but most importantly, it should be discovered. We live in a world where people’s interests are connected, and an era of rapid changes in the market and media. CrossBond not only has extensive experience in Marketing, PR, Design, Legal Affairs, and Patent, but a one-stop company with a team that is passionate, professional, and resourceful. 

Our services are efficient and effective. We are well-equipped with industry-related knowledge and are informed about the latest market trends. Besides being cost-efficient, we put ourselves in our client’s shoes to provide strategic and actionable plans so we can help them achieve their marketing goals.

Beyond the Taiwanese market, we have expanded our services to India and the Southeast region. Our clients have this competitive advantage and can gain insights into the Asian market.


What We Do

Utilizing our profession to create brand value and to expand in the creative field, we have partnered with many other industries. Our one-stop business model provides complete, diversified, and customizable services where we accompany and mentor our clients closely.

We believe the more you understand the industry, the brand, and the product, the more communication and closer cooperation are required in order to maximize the partnership. 


Collaboration Value

We define value proposition by comparing and contrasting the unique qualities of your company and strategize a way to communicate with your target audience.

Building a brand image is a long journey. Through continuous communication, we are confident in providing you a diverse and strategic plan. After our professional market analysis, we will pinpoint the blockages your brand is facing and resolve them by integrating our cross-field resources. Every dollar within your budget will be maximized to help improve your business performance.

Our Collaborators

Discover Your Vision

Let’s create wonderful moments together! The creation and growth of a brand is an exciting journey. It requires long-term partnerships, listening, and growth as well as continuously adjusting the pace.

We are more than happy to hear your ideas and how they can make the world a better place. Furthermore, we are adept at discovering brand values and integrating different needs. Contact us now and let’s achieve your dream together!

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